Monday, July 13, 2009

Nathan's Blue and Gold Banquet

I am Nate's Wolf leader and so I get to enjoy these fun times with him. We got to dress up like cowboys for the banquet.
Nathan standing in line for uniform inspection. We then had a "campfire" where the boys gathered around and sang songs with Micki Rosemann playing the guitar.

Jenessa at Flips Gymnastics

Jenessa in her Flips gymnastics class
Jenessa doing some kicks, jumps and jumping over the rope with one of her friends Maggie

Hawaiian Night at the Elementary School

In February we have a week that is Take your Family to School. For one of the activities we had a DJ come to the school in the evening and we had a Hawaiian Night.
Tyler Shurtz, Nathan, Zachary, and Jenessa
Zachary, Nathan and Joshua getting some dance moves in and Nessa enjoying the night!

Sweethearts Day with the Fam

Bartholomew's enjoying a Valentine's dinner at the Olive Garden.

Grandpa & Grandma, Karen & Nate, Mark & Cass, Bryan & Teresa, Melissa

Love you Honey!!

A cool valentine that Cass made for all the cousins.

Zachary's 7th Birthday

Celebrating all of the February birthday's...Teresa, Zachary, Ashlee, and Karen!

Ashlee, Taylor, Joshua, Kamron, Kasen, and Jenessa enjoying the cake!!

Zachary blowing out some more candles and opening some presents.
We decided that once our kids turn 6 we will start to do big birthday parties every other year when they are on an even birthday. For the odd year birthday's, we do something little like allowing them to invite a friend or 2 to go to dinner or like a chuck e cheese. This is Zachary enjoying some time at Chuck-e-Cheese. This is his 7th Birthday.

Nathan, Zachary, Connor McBride, Parker Schow, and Tyler Shurtz.

February Misc...

Some of Josh's many personalities. He was obviously quite sick where the poor guy couldn't even open his eyes. Always using Nessa's stuff. Trying to be like the big kids, and just plain exhausted. We love you Josh.

One of the kids favorite activities to do with Bryan in the winter!